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What is the ideal keyword density?

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What is the ideal keyword density? Empty What is the ideal keyword density?

Post by ItXBosS on 4/9/2012, 4:06 pm

Here is the short answer, there is no such thing. The optimum density varies greatly from engine to engine. However, in our experience, creating web pages with an average of 3%-10% keyword density in the body text ensures the search engines "understand" what the web pages are about.

What you need to keep in mind is, repeating keywords on a web page beyond what seems natural and easily readable is counterproductive and can result in hurting your search engine ranking and your visitor retention. You should start aiming for a 3% keyword density range first and later tweak your web page content to increase keyword concentration if necessary without sounding too repetitious to the web searchers.

Follow these simple on-page optimization rules for keyword placement and you'll be creating web pages the search engines can truly fall in love with.

Use plural forms of the same words wherever possible. You could sometimes use the plural forms of your keywords only in the body text and still rank well for the singular version as well. The same is usually not true in reverse, so use plural forms when it makes sense without hurting readability.

Use lexical tools to incorporate related key phrases and synonyms to improve the latent semantic indexing score. One of best tools to use for this research is the Google Keyword Tool. The Google Keyword Tool gives you an option to search for synonyms and best of all it can also show you a relative search volume for each keyword phrase. Another excellent keyword research tool is Clusty. Here is an example of a query executed on Clusty with the keyword "seo,” on the left hand side of the screen you'll see many related key phrases such as "submission,” "tools,” "search engine position,” etc.
Use keyword modifiers such as: "help,” "tip,” "guide,” "buy,” "shop,” "discount,” "affordable" etc. These words form the "glue" between your words. It's important that you research your top ranking competitors' pages and look for the "hidden glue" between their words and use the some of those words in your own content.

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