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Find and Get Free .Gov .Edu Backlinks

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Find and Get Free .Gov .Edu Backlinks Empty Find and Get Free .Gov .Edu Backlinks

Post by Murad Ali on 1/9/2012, 10:48 am

Here is a trick i use to find .edu and .gov backlinks. If you have a look on ebay they are charging alot of money for these and you can do it yourself

To find Edu domains go to google and search this inurl:blog "post a comment"

The results will be .EDU domains and you will see a list of blogs with a comment form. Find the ones that you can leave a url with your comment and you will have a backlink to your website. Make it relevant to the topic or you will get it flagged as spam and deleted

You can do the same with .GOV domains by Searching this inurl:blog "post a comment"

you can do the same with .com .net etc by swapping the .gov and .edu in the search term above

Backlinks from edu and gov domains are rare and high value just 1 edu backlink can be worth hundreds of .com .net .info backlinks due to them being around since the start of the internet and that only a few institutions use them compared to the millions that use .com websites

I hope this helps please feel free to comment or if you can add to this

Murad Ali

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